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The Integrity Chamber is tasked with rendering advices and giving proposals on policies that will improve integrity in the Country. These are executed on the Integrity Chamber’s own initiative or at the request of the Prime Minister, the responsible minister, or Parliament. 

Through the rendering of advice and giving proposals, the Integrity Chamber strives to fill gaps and address procedures with the aim of bettering the functioning of administrative bodies and ultimately the overall administrative infrastructure of the country. 

The Integrity Chamber sends its advices and proposals to Government and Parliament, and if applicable, to the relevant administrative body. The implementation of the advices and proposals are overseen by the Integrity Chamber. Advices and proposals are published in the National Gazette.


The Integrity Chamber also has a special advisory role in the form of consultation. The Integrity Chamber must be heard (consulted) in cases where a National Ordinance prescribes, in all exceptional cases of a significant nature, and in any other case in which Government or Parliament deems it necessary. Examples include draft laws and regulations that touch on the subject of integrity.


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