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Integrity Chamber hosts “Meet and Greet” event at the Dutch Quarter Community Center

The Integrity Chamber hosts “Meet and Greet” event at the Dutch Quarter Community Center

On Wednesday, March 13, the Integrity Chamber hosted a Meet and Greet event, at the Dutch Quarter Community Center. The event was open to the general public, but a special invitation was extended to the Dutch Quarter, Middle Region and Belvedere communities.

A presentation was given by President of the Integrity Chamber, Rik Bergman, Director of the secretariat, Charna Pompier, and Policy Advisor, Amanda Browne. Members of the Supervisory Council of the Integrity Chamber were also present.

The President began the presentation with an outline of the structure of the Integrity Chamber. The director then discussed the tasks of the Integrity Chamber and gave a brief explanation on how these tasks are executed, with an overview of the activities that have been executed thus far.

The importance of integrity in our society was also discussed and the attendants were given the opportunity to provide examples on how integrity impacts their personal lives. An interactive discussion followed when scenarios of (possible) integrity issues were presented to the attendants. The scenarios covered the following topics: sharing private/personal information, preferential treatment, conflicts of interest and the abuse of authority. Attendants pinpointed the relevant integrity issues and provided solutions meant to negate them.

The event concluded with a meet and greet with the participating members of the community and the representatives of the Integrity Chamber.

The Integrity Chamber previously hosted Meet and Greet events in the Simpson Bay, Hope Estate, and St. Peters communities.

As always, the Integrity Chamber enjoyed connecting with the people of Sint Maarten and looks forward to having more conversations on integrity.

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