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Integrity Chamber Provides Information Session on Integrity to the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

Integrity Chamber Provides Information Session on Integrity to the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

On August 16, 2022, the Integrity Chamber provided an information session on the importance of integrity to the Sint Maarten branch of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard. The information session was presented by Integrity Chamber member, Hans Lodder, and Policy Advisor, Amanda Browne.

The session included information on the structure, tasks and working methods of the Integrity Chamber, discussions on the definition of integrity and the aspects of integrity that were specific to the values of the Coast Guard. Mr. Lodder utilized his background as a Naval Commanding Officer to provide tips on how integrity within the executing agency can be encouraged and maintained.

Scenarios were given that required feedback from the participants, which resulted in an interactive discussion. The participants reflected on the information that was shared in the session as it related to their current duties and responsibilities within the executing agency.

The Coast Guard expressed enthusiasm to learn more about the process of investigations, the various advices and proposals submitted by the Integrity Chamber, the authorities of the Integrity Chamber with regards to investigations, and the aspect of confidentiality when filing notifications of suspected misconduct. The Coast Guard shared internal processes that have been put in place to maintain integrity, such as a Code of Conduct and the appointment of Confidential Advisors. The Integrity Chamber applauds the Coast Guard for recognizing the importance of upholding integrity within the organisation and for taking the necessary steps to accomplish it.

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