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Integrity Chamber Provides Information Session on Integrity to the Court of Guardianship

Integrity Chamber Provides Information Session on Integrity to the Court of Guardianship

On August 18, 2022, the Integrity Chamber provided an information session on the importance of integrity to the Court of Guardianship, the central authority for the protection of children on Sint Maarten. The information was presented by Integrity Chamber President, Rian Vogels, with the assistance of Policy Advisor, Amanda Browne.

The session included information on the tasks and working methods of the Integrity Chamber. Mrs. Vogels provided tips on how integrity within the executing agency can be encouraged and maintained. The sessions were interactive, allowing the participants to ask questions and share opinions. The core values of the agency, such as confidentiality, accountability, and transparency, and the role they play in the execution of organisational tasks were discussed. Furthermore, attention was placed on procedures within the executing agency that can lessen and prevent the occurrence of integrity issues, such as conflicts of interest and the misuse of confidential information. Lastly, the importance of personal integrity and the necessity of ensuring that integrity is a structural part of the agency was emphasised.

The Court of Guardianship welcomed the information sessions for the benefit of the agency.  Enthusiasm was expressed in learning more about the advices submitted by the Integrity Chamber, their authorities with regards to investigations, and the consequences of binding advices. The Integrity Chamber applauds the Court of Guardianship for recognizing the importance of upholding integrity within the organisation and their efforts in doing so.

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