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Integrity Chamber Provides Sessions on “Integrity in the Workplace” to the Ministry of VROMI

Integrity Chamber Provides Sessions on “Integrity in the Workplace” to the Ministry of VROMI

The Integrity Chamber provided information sessions on “Integrity in the Workplace” to the staff and management of the Ministry of VROMI, from October 26 through 28, 2022. The sessions were requested by the Ministry of VROMI with the purpose of discussing the importance of integrity.

Information about the tasks and activities of the Integrity Chamber, as well as the benefits of integrity, the type of integrity issues that can occur and how integrity can be promoted and maintained in VROMI, were included in the sessions. The sessions were presented by Integrity Chamber staff members Gabi Fuchs and Amanda Browne.

To promote interactive discussions, example cases were introduced to the participants. The participants were given the opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences, which led to lively and interactive discussions. The example cases also provided participants with the opportunity to put the information obtained to use. A few of the topics that were highlighted during the example cases included, the sharing of information, the use of organisational resources, customer service, and gifts.

The participants enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions and the open discussions. They were encouraged to take pride in their role as civil servants of the community.

The Ministry of VROMI conveyed their sincere gratitude for the Integrity Chamber’s willingness to provide the integrity sessions within the ministry. Minister Egbert Doran stated, “Sometimes, we end up doing things out of habit, not knowing [whether] it is something correct or not, and I believe that this session was a great help into finding out how people think, how we view things and how to improve our integrity overall.” The minister further thanked the participants for their enthusiasm and willingness in making a large attendance and a successful workshop. “I must say it was a great turnout … As Minister of VROMI, I want to express my appreciation for everyone who came out.”

On November 2, 2022, the participants received Certificates of Participation and a personal thank you from the Minister for their engagement. The Integrity Chamber is pleased to have played a part in strengthening integrity in the workplace.

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