The Integrity Chamber of Sint Maarten has released its 2020 Annual Report. The Report provides the history of the organization, as well as an overview of the activities that took place and the financial information. The year 2020 was the first fully operational year of the organization, a challenging start with the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the Integrity Chamber was successful in the execution of its three core tasks, namely:

  • To render advice and give proposals
  • To investigate suspected misconducts
  • To provide awareness about integrity

Two advices were rendered, one regarding the SSRP (St. Maarten Stimulus Relief Plan) and another on the Ministerial Gift Policy. The Integrity Chamber also offered feedback on the 2020-2030 NDV (National Development Vision) upon the request of the Ministry of General Affairs. Four (4) notifications of suspected misconduct were received and followed up on in accordance with the National Ordinance of the Integrity Chamber.

The Integrity Chamber carried out a total of seventeen (17) introductory meetings with various administrative bodies as part of its general awareness campaign. Other awareness activities were produced in the form of a website, videos, brochures and interviews. Trainings were also undertaken for the professional development of the staff. These activities took place in spite of the setbacks caused by the pandemic, where the staff took the initiative to maintain productivity by working from home.

The Integrity Chamber has a number of projects currently in the works based on its year plan. One of the highlights of the plan is the Integrity QuickScan which will provide insight on the integrity infrastructure and challenges faced by the various administrative bodies, as well as an overview of what is in place and where there is room for improvement. The 2020 Annual Report of the Integrity Chamber can be obtained from the website at

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