The Integrity Chamber recently met with the SER (Social Economic Council) with a focus on strengthening the work relationship between the two organisations.

The Integrity Chamber shared an update on its activities in the first operational year of 2020, and the following year 2021. Some of the activities that were highlighted include the unsolicited advices on the Implementation of the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants and on the Confidential Advisors. In addition, there were requested advices, such as the proposals for the Facility Services Policy, requested by the Ministry of General Affairs, and the advice on the Long Lease Land Policy, requested by the Ministry of VROMI.

The SER followed suit by offering an update on its activities, namely, the recently submitted advice on The Minimum Wage, and an expected second request for advice regarding its increase. Additionally, advices were requested on the Cost of Living and on the Sickness and Accident Insurance Wage Limit Increase (ZV/OV). The SER is also working on unsolicited advices relating to immigration, taxation and preventive health care.

The two organisations further engaged in dialogue to foster a deeper understanding of the setup and working methods. Among other topics, the Integrity Chamber explained its structure and authorities. The SER provided elucidation on its cooperation with the SER’s of Curacao and Aruba, as well as the international SER platform AICESIS, of which SER Sint Maarten is a board member.

The meeting ended on high note with both organisations looking forward to the continued building of the working relationship. Similar meetings were also held with the High Councils of State. The Integrity Chamber values cooperation with public organisations and encourages future collaboration.

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