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The Integrity Chamber of Sint Maarten promotes and seeks to enhance integrity within government and government entities. Learn More

Promoting integrity awareness

The Integrity Chamber continuously provides information to strengthen awareness on the importance of integrity in the community, including within administrative bodies.

Advices and

The Integrity Chamber is tasked with rendering advices and giving proposals on policies that will improve integrity in the Country.

Investigating suspected misconducts

The Integrity Chamber has the authority to investigate suspected misconducts within administrative bodies.

Processing notifications

If you have information on the suspected misconduct within an administrative body, you can file a notification.

News and Publications

The news about recent activities of the Integrity Chamber.

About the
Integrity Chamber

Introduction to the Integrity Chamber
Sint Maarten and the way it works.

Meet the Members

The Integrity Chamber comprises three members; appointed by Sint Maarten, the Netherlands and the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that are most frequently asked regarding the Integrity Chamber.

The Integrity Chamber has a number of authorizations. It is authorized to:

  • Advise and propose changes to policies related to the promotion of the country’s integrity;
  • Provide advices on any integrity related matters;
  • Investigate a notification of suspected misconduct or to conduct an investigation on its own initiative into a suspected misconduct; and,
  • Continuously providing the public with information meant to improve the awareness of integrity within the community.

Anyone can file a notification of suspected misconduct. Residents of the Dutch and French side of the island, tourists, unregistered or undocumented persons, civil servants, anyone. The Integrity Chamber realizes the possibility that anyone could become a victim or observer of suspected misconduct within government and its entities.

If you cannot be expected to report the suspected misconduct to your department head, e.g., your department head is probably involved, you may then report your suspected misconduct to the Integrity Chamber directly.

In an effort to properly inquire or launch an investigation into the suspected misconduct, and in order to acquire the information necessary, the Integrity Chamber may find it necessary to inform the administrative body concerned that a notification of suspected misconduct was filed. However, the details and specific information of the notification will not be shared unless approved by the notifier.

Both administrative bodies  share seemingly similar tasks, namely the investigation of complaints against government and its entities. However, the Ombudsman is charged with protecting the constitutional rights of the citizens of Sint Maarten, while the Integrity Chamber is strictly committed to raising the level of integrity within government in a variety of ways. The Integrity Chamber, due to the anonymous investigative process, also provides a respite where civil servants can bring their integrity complaints without fear of reprimand or retaliation.

Within an administrative context, the Integrity Chamber investigates suspected misconducts that occur within government and its entities. These suspected misconducts occur usually due to an act or a failure to act by the administrative body, that has then led to an unacceptable situation.

You may file a notification of suspected misconduct occurring within any administrative body (government, government entities and government-owned companies). If it does not concern an administrative body, the Integrity Chamber is not authorized to investigate the matter.

Any document you may have that can help prove the claims made on the notification of suspected misconduct.

You may inform the Integrity Chamber and request the opportunity to properly fill it out. Or you may be contacted by the Integrity Chamber in order for the necessary information to be acquired.

You may request the assistance of a trusted third person to help you in filling the notification.

Notifications may also be filed via mail, email or digitally via the website. 

If during the course of an investigation into suspected misconduct, an administrative body or persons involved in the notification are unsatisfied with the working method or authorities executed by the Integrity Chamber, they may complain to the Supervisory Council of the Integrity Chamber. The Supervisory Council then determines whether the complaint is grounded and the following consequences.

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