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Integrity Chamber Provides Information Session on Integrity to FIU

Integrity Chamber Provides Information Session on Integrity to FIU

On March 14, 2023, the Integrity Chamber provided the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) with an information session on the importance of integrity. The session was presented by Integrity Chamber president Rian Vogels, together with staff member Kevin James. 

The Integrity Chamber provided information on the structure and tasks of the organisation, and on the subject of integrity. Integrity in the workplace was discussed from a general point of view, and specifically from the unique circumstances of the FIU. Additionally, suggestions were provided highlighting ways in which integrity could be encouraged and safeguarded within the organisation.

Mrs. Vogels stimulated a fruitful discussion about the integrity-related initiatives of the FIU. The participants were commended for the strategies that were in place to maintain integrity in their day-to-day operations. The session was interactive, with the participants showing interest in the structure and role of the Integrity Chamber, such as its independent status, and the role of the Supervisory Council.

Overall, the information session was a productive discourse on integrity within administrative bodies. The participants expressed gratitude for the exchange. The Integrity Chamber was pleased to provide the session and looks forward to similar opportunities.

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