Integrity Chamber Provides Integrity Session to APS

Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten (APS) requested a session from the Integrity Chamber on integrity in the workplace. The session took place in November 2023 and was presented by Policy Advisors Gabi Fuchs and Amanda Browne. 

Information about the Integrity Chamber, as well as about the importance of integrity in the workplace, was presented. There was also a specific focus on integrity in the context of APS and the possible consequences when there is a lack of integrity within any organisation. Furthermore, ideas were exchanged on how to promote and maintain integrity within the organisation.

The presenters encouraged the participants to be mindful of their role as representatives of the civil service, in their daily interactions. Participants also shared the ways in which integrity is incorporated in the daily execution of their functions.

The session included scenarios with integrity issues designed to stimulate the perspectives of the participants, offering them the opportunity to share their views. Key areas of interest expressed by the participants related to the tasks of the Integrity Chamber and the avenues that can be explored to effectively implement a confidential advisor.

The initiative taken by APS to improve integrity within the organisation is commendable. The Integrity Chamber welcomes the opportunity to offer assistance in line with its duties. 

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