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Integrity Chamber Provides Integrity Session to the Party for Progress

Integrity Chamber Provides Integrity Session to the Party for Progress

On June 29, 2023, the Integrity Chamber provided an integrity session to candidates and board members of the Party for Progress (PFP). The session was part of a public awareness campaign by the Integrity Chamber, in connection with the upcoming elections.

Information about the tasks of the Integrity Chamber and the importance of integrity was provided.  The session also offered tips on how integrity can be promoted and maintained within the party, and the benefits of integrity within the electoral process.

Various scenarios that demonstrated potential integrity issues were presented to the participants. Topics such as receiving donations and handling confidential information were discussed. This led to an interactive exchange in which the participants shared their opinions and explored strategies that could be used to prevent the occurrence of integrity breaches. The importance of respect, transparency, and responsibility were among the values highlighted by the presenters.

The Party for Progress is commended for accepting the invitation and encouraging the promotion of integrity within their party. The Integrity Chamber remains dedicated to facilitating the enhancement of integrity in Sint Maarten.

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