The secretariat of the Integrity Chamber received their first integrity training for the year in March. The training was provided by SRA-Caribbean and Partners N.V. The Integrity Chamber has a staff consisting of diverse professional backgrounds. The trainings keep the secretariat educated on the latest developments relating to integrity in the public sector, as well as how integrity can be applied in various contexts.

The Integrity Chamber plans regular trainings for the secretariat. The number of trainings organised was reduced, due to the pandemic and the cost-cutting measures. Some of the exercises were carried out via online video sessions, in order to maintain the competency of the staff.

The trainings are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics. The exercises include problem analyses, where the staff are engaged in scenarios that stimulate broader perspectives on integrity issues. The most recent training also included a class on communication techniques, to further enhance the internal and external communication skills of the secretariat. In the past, staff members have followed trainings, attended by various organisations, on a collective approach to subjects like financial crime and professional conduct.

The Integrity Chamber is committed to the continuous education of its secretariat, thereby ensuring the highest standards of service to the community.

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