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Integrity Chamber Sint Maarten Issues Advice on the Confidential Advisor

The Integrity Chamber has issued an advice to the Government of Sint Maarten on the Confidential Advisor pursuant to Article 16, fifth paragraph, of its National Ordinance. A Confidential Advisor is a person whom all employees may approach for advice and assistance as it pertains to possible integrity-related issues within the organization. The appointment of Confidential Advisors is a measure designed to promote organisational integrity and is widely used internationally in both the public and private sector. It is viewed as a vital component of any integrity infrastructure.

Confidential Advisors were appointed within the Government of Sint Maarten in 2014 and served for a period of two years. Since the ending of their term, there have been no more appointments. The Integrity Chamber hopes that with this advice, Confidential Advisors can once again play a role in the integrity infrastructure within Government. The Integrity Chamber believes that this advice can also serve as a guide to other administrative bodies to improve their internal integrity infrastructure.

The Integrity Chamber is specifically tasked with rendering advice or proposals on Confidential Advisors, Compliance Officers and Whistle-blowers and their role within the integrity infrastructure of the Government of Sint Maarten. The integrity infrastructure is the totality of all integrity-related legislation and regulations of the administrative body and all elements necessary for the organization of the Confidential Advisor. It enables government to follow a broad and positive integrity strategy.

The Integrity Chamber will oversee the implementation of the advice, in accordance with the National Ordinance Integrity Chamber. The Advice on the Confidential Advisor can be found on the website at www.integritychamber.sx.

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