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Integrity Chamber Submits a Proposal on Government Housing Management

The Integrity Chamber has submitted its proposal for an improved Housing Management Policy for government. The policy is a component of the larger Facility Services Policy, which includes other services such as cleaning, warehouse management, government vehicles, etc. These processes are sensitive to integrity risks, misconducts or other inappropriate behaviour by management or employees. The misuse of resources can also lead to funds being wasted.

As the Department of Facility Services provides services for all seven (7) ministries within the Government of Sint Maarten, the consequences of the above-mentioned risks can be far reaching. The Integrity Chamber recognizes that a comprehensive Facility Services Policy is an important component within the Government’s integrity infrastructure and by means of this proposal wishes to aid in its enhancement.

In March 2021, the General Audit Chamber published the “Mini Audit: Housing Policy” in which key considerations were outlined. These considerations were taken into account within the policy proposal of the Integrity Chamber to combine the expertise of the various advisory bodies for the common goal of fortifying Government.

One of the recommendations in the proposal is to establish a Government Housing Register, which would serve to manage housing more effectively and efficiently. The Government Housing Register provides transparency and accountability as it pertains to Government’s assets, budget, and any decisions regarding purchasing or leasing of housing.

The Integrity Chamber hopes that by providing the Housing Management Policy in the form of a comprehensive proposal it will be easier and more expedient for Government to implement. The Integrity Chamber would like to express sincere appreciation for the input and involvement of key stakeholders within Government, in particular the Department of Facility Services, and looks forward to further collaboration with Government and its entities.

The Integrity Chamber will oversee the implementation of the proposal, in accordance with the National Ordinance Integrity Chamber. The Proposal on Government Housing Management can be found on the website at www.integritychamber.sx/publications.

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