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This Privacy Statement explains how the Integrity Chamber protects your personal data and how we comply with the National Ordinance Personal Data Protection. When performing the statutory duties of the Integrity Chamber, the Integrity Chamber strictly handles your personal data. Ensuring, protecting and maintaining your privacy is paramount. Only the personnel of the secretariat, for whom it is necessary by virtue of their function, have (full or partial) access to your personal data. If it’s necessary to process your information, we will do that with your consent. If the Integrity Chamber decides a notification meets the requirements as mentioned in the National Ordinance Integrity Chamber, the Integrity Chamber is authorized to inform the administrative body (including public companies) in which the suspected misconduct takes place or has taken place, about the content of the notification as well as the identity of the notifier, only with the permission of the notifier.

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Confidentiality is also important to us on the website. The Integrity Chamber does not collect data about visitors of the website. If necessary, the most visited pages will be analyzed; how the visitors got to the website of the Integrity Chamber, and which search terms are being used in the search engine. The Integrity Chamber can use this information to improve the website. Traceability of visitors to the website of the Integrity Chamber will be limited as much as possible. The website of the Integrity Chamber does not use tracking cookies, pixels or other technology to trace you. Therefore, you will not see a warning or a request to approve something. The Integrity Chamber naturally complies with the laws and regulations of Country Sint Maarten.


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