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Proposal on Government Vehicle Management

Advice Letter on Government Vehicle Management

Advice on VROMI Long Lease Land Policy

QuickScan of the Integrity Infrastructure of the Ministry of Justice

Proposal on Government Housing Management

Advice on Implementation of the Civil Servant Code of Conduct

Advice on the Confidential Adviser

Advice on the Ministerial Gift Policy

Advice: Recommendations for the Sint Maarten Stimulus and Relief Plan (SSRP) 7 May 2020

Integrity Chamber Annual Report 2021

Klachtreglement van de Raad van Toezicht van de Integriteitskamer Sint Maarten

Integrity Chamber Annual Report 2020

Cooperation Protocol Integrity Chamber and the Minister of General Affairs

Cooperation Protocol Integrity Chamber and the Prosecutor's Office

Integrity Chamber Annual Report (Jaarverslag) 2019

AB 2018, no. 46 Inwerkingtreding Lvo Integriteitskamer en Uitvoeringsbesluit Integriteitskamer

Overzicht vertrouwensfuncties behorende bij het Lbham Uitvoeringslandsbesluit Integriteitskamer

AB 2018, no.42 Landsbesluit, houdende algemene maatregelen Uitvoeringsbesluit Integriteitskamer

AB 2017 no. 41 Landsverordening Integriteitskamer

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