Supervisory Council Members

The Supervisory Council of the Integrity Chamber comprises of three members:

  • One is appointed on a binding written recommendation from the Council of Ministers of Sint Maarten.

  • One is appointed on a binding written recommendation from the Council of Ministers of the Netherlands.

  • The third member will be appointed on the binding recommendation of the first two members by the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

Members of the Supervisory Council


The Supervisory Council is tasked with the following:

  • The monitoring of the efficient execution of the tasks charged to the Integrity Chamber as provisioned in the National Ordinance Integrity Chamber.
  • Taking the necessary steps in the event that the Supervisory Council is of the opinion that the Integrity Chamber has been seriously neglecting its duties.
  • The supervision of the lawful and proportionate exercising of the authorizations provisioned to the Integrity Chamber. 
  • The granting of authorizations as referred to in Article 31, paragraph 5, of the National Ordinance Integrity Chamber.


When necessary, the Integrity Chamber may exercise certain authorities during the course of an investigation. The use of these authorities may be granted by the Supervisory Council upon written and motivated request by the Integrity Chamber.

The authorities which first must be approved by the Supervisory Council are: 

  • Conducting an on-site investigation. 
  • Requesting access to, and copying data from documents or other data-carriers.

Annual Report

The Supervisory Council reports annually on its activities to the government, to Parliament and the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom.

The report will be published in the National Gazette.

Complaint Procedure

If you have a complaint against the use of the Integrity Chamber’s authorities during an investigation, you may submit a complaint. The Complaints Procedure can be found below.

Please contact the Supervisory Council at:

Please mention your name and give a complete description of the complaint, along with any other documents pertaining to the complaint.

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