Investigating Suspected Misconducts

The Integrity Chamber has the authority to investigate suspected misconducts within administrative bodies. 

Investigations can be started in response to a notification of suspected misconduct or on the Integrity Chamber’s own initiative. A (suspected) misconduct relates to an act or a failure by an administrative body to adhere to values and norms, legal requirements, or other obligations through which the interest of society, or the proper functioning of an administrative body could be harmed.

A notification is a written account of the suspected misconduct. A notification must include the notifier’s name, address, the date, a detailed description of the suspected misconduct (what occurred and who was/is involved), and the grounds on which the information is based. Any evidence or documentation related to the suspected misconduct should be provided with the notification.

Anyone (resident or non-resident) can file a notification of suspected misconduct with the Integrity Chamber by using the Notification Form on our website.

Suspected misconducts must first be reported within the administrative body. A notification can, however, be sent directly to the Integrity Chamber if the notifier cannot be reasonably expected to report it internally (e.g. the person to report to is involved in the suspected misconduct).

As a result of an investigation, a (binding) advice can be issued to the administrative body within which the misconduct took place.

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