The History of the Integrity Chamber

The Integrity Chamber was established by the Sint Maarten Government amidst a broad discussion about integrity and the integral roles it plays within administrative bodies (i.e. government and its entities, including government-owned companies), and the overall image of the country at home and abroad.

The creation of the Integrity Chamber was recommended in several integrity-focused reports, such as the Wit-Samson Report titled “Doing the Right Things Right” (2014). Government took those recommendations, and others, as priority points and worked to create the Integrity Chamber.


National Ordinance adopted

The National Ordinance Integrity Chamber (Landsverordening Integriteitskamer, AB 2017, no. 41) was adopted by Parliament in December 2017.


National Ordinance entered into force

The National Ordinance Integrity Chamber (Landsverordening Integriteitskamer, AB 2017, no. 41) entered into force on December 28, 2018.


Organizational Structure

The following year was focused on the groundwork for the organization. That resulted in today’s Integrity Chamber with three members and a secretariat.



The Integrity Chamber is an independent body with the core tasks of rendering advices and giving proposals, investigating suspected misconducts within administrative bodies, and to continuously provide information to strengthen awareness about the importance of integrity in the community.

Integrity Chamber


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